2020 Podcast 02 – Discipline and Meditation. A Ramble.

Dear Friends, After a long while I have recorded another podcast. It is a bit of ramble on the topic of Discipline and Meditation. In this podcast I share my thoughts and feeling off the cuff, this podcast is unscripted. I also share some thoughts from a book that I am currently reading The UniverseContinue reading “2020 Podcast 02 – Discipline and Meditation. A Ramble.”

Yoga Stretches and Exercises for Working from Home

Working from home or even in an office can lead to aches and pain in our neck, shoulders and lower back. Regular movement is necessary to get rid of these pains. Health and safety at work guidelines normally state that we are supposed to move or look away from our computer every 20 mins forContinue reading “Yoga Stretches and Exercises for Working from Home”

Who Is Your Shoulder To Cry On? *Repost*

I wrote this post a while back, but the sentiments seem appropriate for the world and where we find ourself with covid-19. I have edited it a bit. 12.4.2020 easter sunday ————‘ Who is your shoulder to cry on? Who is your rock? Have you ever been the shoulder to cry on, or the rockContinue reading “Who Is Your Shoulder To Cry On? *Repost*”

When You Finally Leave Us

When you finally leave us. What will we be left with? A death toll so high. Broken families. Broken global economy. Broken spirit. Broken internally. Broken infrastructure. Broken lives, broken country, broken world? When you finally leave us, you will have stolen all that life holds dear. You will leave us in a war tornContinue reading “When You Finally Leave Us”