Towards A More Positive Me – When Life is Good, but Still, We are Unhappy [Podcast]

This Podcast/YouTube video mainly discusses the times we feel a bit Blah or unhappy in life, and there is no major reason to feel unhappy. Life is good – but for some reason, we are just down. This video shares techniques we all know about and probably doing. But, still, we feel down. The statementContinue reading “Towards A More Positive Me – When Life is Good, but Still, We are Unhappy [Podcast]”

The One Who Understands the Language of Silence (Hindi Song – English Subtitles)

Title of Song: Moun ki Bhasa Jo Samajhe In silence, there is happiness. In Silence, God talks to us and fills us with blissful peace and inner strength. We are Souls, points of light, and our home is the world of peace, a land of pure silence. We Souls are eternal, and we have thisContinue reading “The One Who Understands the Language of Silence (Hindi Song – English Subtitles)”

Thought For Today – Difficulties

Take every difficulty as an exam test to pass. Each time I fail to keep my cool in the face of the difficulties, means I haven’t revised, I haven’t prepared myself enough. See blessing in difficulties. You will eventually see that actually, I learnt a lot. If we see difficulties as a test paper toContinue reading “Thought For Today – Difficulties”

Thought for Today – I Choose

I choose to be optimistic.I choose to let your angry fly over my head.I choose to be happy.I choose to be upbeat.I choose to carry on trying even though I feel depressed.I choose to do my best.I choose to be my bestI choose to dream.I choose not to follow what people say.I choose to beContinue reading “Thought for Today – I Choose”

Change the Way You THINK!

Change the way you think. Negative thinking is a habit and it can drive us mad. STOP and break the habit of negative thinking by using positive words and feelings. For example – “When you feel I Can’t REMEMBER”. Believe in yourself and say you CAN. Do NOT forget our thoughts and feeling are inContinue reading “Change the Way You THINK!”

Thoughts Impact our Health and the World. ** repost**

Dr Masura Emoto did some experiments on water and below is a video of his experiments, a few of his quotes and  picture of the beautiful crystal in water and the not so beautiful crystal in water.  Sadly, Dr Emoto passed away 17th October 2014, but his work is brilliant and it proves how ourContinue reading “Thoughts Impact our Health and the World. ** repost**”