Exercise for Beginners

Exercise we all know is good for us. Some of us love it, some of us have the Discipline to do it, some of us hate it. Which ever way we feel about exercise, it is important for:- Health Management of many health conditions, like diabetes and even heart issues. But please speak to aContinue reading “Exercise for Beginners”

Freedom Starts In The Mind

Freedom Starts in the Mind. Freedom Starts in Our Thoughts In Our Feelings In Our Heart Distancing Ourselves and Cutting Ropes is not TRUE Freedom. True Freedom starts inside of Me! It may  initially be necessary to move away, to retire, so that I give myself space to heal, to repair, and renew onesself.  However,Continue reading “Freedom Starts In The Mind”

Thought For Today – Pain vs Happy

You cannot be happy if you keep thinking of all the pain. Change your thinking, see it as a test paper to pass.  See pain as some kind of challenge, that has come to test you.  For example: this test of pain has come into your life to see if you can remain happy inContinue reading “Thought For Today – Pain vs Happy”