2020 Podcast 02 – Discipline and Meditation. A Ramble.

Dear Friends, After a long while I have recorded another podcast. It is a bit of ramble on the topic of Discipline and Meditation. In this podcast I share my thoughts and feeling off the cuff, this podcast is unscripted. I also share some thoughts from a book that I am currently reading The UniverseContinue reading “2020 Podcast 02 – Discipline and Meditation. A Ramble.”

Orderliness In life Equals Harmony in Life

To have an organised life, that has routines, and discipline is life that is orderly.   Such a life will lead to peace and harmony.   Such a life is not boring, it is a life that achieves the goals that have been planned.   A life with no organisation, no routine or discipline is a life thatContinue reading “Orderliness In life Equals Harmony in Life”