You Can Face Anything.

Life is one big test paper. Not a test paper to fail. But a test paper to pass. Sometimes, things feel impossible. Sometimes we feel like we have made a mistake. And sometimes we feel, we are never going to resolve or get to the bottom of this. We get hopeless and want to giveContinue reading “You Can Face Anything.”

Hold On, Don’t Give Up Just Yet…

We can’t see what tomorrow holds. But, we can be hopeful and faithful to our dreams. The picture below says it all. Hang in there just a bit longer. Maybe, you just need to step back, to see with new eyes, and create a new plan. Don’t give up just yet. You can’t see howContinue reading “Hold On, Don’t Give Up Just Yet…”

Don’t Judge Me

Without knowing me some people understand my situation exactly as it, without living with me. And they care, they are compassionate and understanding. My heart is melted and warmed. Then there are those who kinda know you,but don’t know you. They judge you in away that is cruel, unfair and totally incorrect. That hurts yourContinue reading “Don’t Judge Me”

Don’t Block Your Own Dream

We tend to give up on a dream or a goal because we can’t see any progress. The problem with ‘giving up’ is that we don’t know how close we are to making it. It might feel like we are wasting our time, and getting nowhere fast, so giving up become an act that mayContinue reading “Don’t Block Your Own Dream”