Hold On, Don’t Give Up Just Yet…

We can’t see what tomorrow holds. But, we can be hopeful and faithful to our dreams. The picture below says it all. Hang in there just a bit longer. Maybe, you just need to step back, to see with new eyes, and create a new plan. Don’t give up just yet. You can’t see howContinue reading “Hold On, Don’t Give Up Just Yet…”

6 things people don’t understand – By Oprah via Evan Carmichael

I share another video by Evan Carmichael. I do love his YouTube video. I have done a little summary of some of the points in the video. Earn Success – Success doesn’t happens instantly. You got to work at. It is a process and it takes hours of work. Every day make choices- is thisContinue reading “6 things people don’t understand – By Oprah via Evan Carmichael”