Set Yourself Free from Negative Self-talk with Daily Affirmations [YouTube-Podcast]

An affirmation is a statements that is positive, and starts I am… It helps to rewire out thoughts into a more positive state.

Thought for Today – Haste Makes Waste – Pause

Never rush anything. There is always time to pause. Anything done immediately in haste, stress or pressure will always result in errors and more time and effort in fixing them. The best decisions are taken when we create space, time, and distance to think about everything before making a decision. Never come under pressure forContinue reading “Thought for Today – Haste Makes Waste – Pause”

Positive Self Talk – A Daily Confidence Booster

Start your day, your week, every hour with a positive thought, an affirmation. Take your daily supplement of vitamins in the form of positive, high energy, nurturing thoughts, words and feelings. Stop being stuck in overwhelm, lack, anxiety and fear. Transform negative self talk into positive. Make your self talk a positive habit. Banish negativityContinue reading “Positive Self Talk – A Daily Confidence Booster”

Day 19 of the 31 day – Meditation Challenge

Fear is a great illusion; that makes me believe that the world can take something away from me. Let us go on an inner journey. A Spiritual Journey. I rest in peace. A warm light in every cell of this body. I am spirit. I am complete with peace, love and Joy. I am forever,Continue reading “Day 19 of the 31 day – Meditation Challenge”