Goal Setting Booklet

2020 is almost over, but Covid-19 is still here. We might feel what is the point of setting goals and aiming for anything. But, as long as we are alive we have to live. Therefore, we need to live it to our best and highest potential. We are what we think. Happiness and sadness isContinue reading “Goal Setting Booklet”

Goal Setting

I have spent the last two weeks reviewing my life, blog, and where I want to go. I have spent a bit of Sat, Sun and Monday brainstorming and putting down goals. I don’t make 5-year goals. I make annual goals that might take x years to get done. I like to work in threeContinue reading “Goal Setting”

Mid-Year Review of Goals

Introduction We are now entering June 2020( or where ever your mid year falls). We are halfway through the year.   The world is changed.  Never to be the same again, or maybe in 10 years’ time. The question now is, the goals set out in January 2020, are they still valid, or have they changed?Continue reading “Mid-Year Review of Goals”

Goal Setting – A New Approach – Minimum, Target, Outrageous Goal Setting – With Free Booklet.

Set Goals that are achievable and not overwhelming. Set Goals that are realistic. Don’t set your goals so high that you fail. The Minimum, Target and Outrageous Goal setting process (MTO Goal Setting process) is a wonderful way of setting goals and achieving them. I have created a little pdf booklet that gives you theContinue reading “Goal Setting – A New Approach – Minimum, Target, Outrageous Goal Setting – With Free Booklet.”