Goal Setting Booklet

2020 is almost over, but Covid-19 is still here. We might feel what is the point of setting goals and aiming for anything. But, as long as we are alive we have to live. Therefore, we need to live it to our best and highest potential. We are what we think. Happiness and sadness isContinue reading “Goal Setting Booklet”

Achieve Your Personal Goals with A Kanban Board

What is Kanban Board? Kanban is a simple project management tool from Japan. It is a very visual way of moving projects forward. Learn more about the Kanban from the wiki page here. A kanban board can be used for any project, be it a work /career project or a personal project. Below is aContinue reading “Achieve Your Personal Goals with A Kanban Board”

Goal Setting – A New Approach – Minimum, Target, Outrageous Goal Setting – With Free Booklet.

Set Goals that are achievable and not overwhelming. Set Goals that are realistic. Don’t set your goals so high that you fail. The Minimum, Target and Outrageous Goal setting process (MTO Goal Setting process) is a wonderful way of setting goals and achieving them. I have created a little pdf booklet that gives you theContinue reading “Goal Setting – A New Approach – Minimum, Target, Outrageous Goal Setting – With Free Booklet.”

Vision Board

Dear Friends,      Most of you know I am into my affirmation, gratitudes, Meditation,  and Journaling.   I know all these techniques work for me.   However, I have never tried a vision board and it was recommended to me initially by Brigid at Watching The Daisies blog, and   Wendy at Brilliance Within blog.  So here goes myContinue reading “Vision Board”