I Am A Unique Soul A Child Of God

I Am A Unique Soul A Child Of God One principle of Life is eternal individuality. Each soul, including the Supreme Soul, is unique. Uniqueness gives each being its special value, a value which is innate and imperishable. It is this difference that creates the beauty of life. Difference does not cancel feelings of harmonyContinue reading “I Am A Unique Soul A Child Of God”

Happiness is in the company of The Divine

Happiness Choose to be happy. Smile inside knowing the Divine is always with you. Whenever you call out his name he will answer, you just have to listen. Let go of his hand, is like letting go of his guidance and walking this life alone. This  life is no longer easy to walk alone, walk withContinue reading “Happiness is in the company of The Divine”

Refuse to be Disturbed

I refuse to be disturbed or unhappy because of the bad intentions or bad vibes of others. Their opinion is theirs and they are entitled to it. It is not the way I see things or see myself. I let go immediately of any pain. I have the Supreme in my life ! What moreContinue reading “Refuse to be Disturbed”