Accordance with Nature

A few thoughts/poems inspired by Dr Wayne Dyer. Life has a flow. Nature has a flow. The chapters of our life have a flow. When we swim against the flow, it is always very difficult. Accept the life. Bend and flow. With Grace and Dignity Harmony and Balance will unfold With easy and lightness NotContinue reading “Accordance with Nature”

Thought for Today. Be a fragrance.

Just a quick thought for today shared on Instagram. Be a fragrance of goodness, peace and calm in this world. When we share a beautiful presence of our personality in this world, we become the flowers of this world. We make the world a better place just by our presence. We become angels of goodness.Continue reading “Thought for Today. Be a fragrance.”

Thought for Today – Let your yardstick guide you to noble actions.

We all have a yardstick that tells us this action is good and kind, versus this action is not noble and is selfish. Use your gut instinct, your consciousness, your intuition to guide you and keep you on the right path. For when we do wrong we are the ones who have to repay theContinue reading “Thought for Today – Let your yardstick guide you to noble actions.”

Thought for Today. A pearl is found in deep still water.

We are all jewels. But over time our sparkle and value is lost in life. We chase something. We earn something. But I the soul, the jewel seems never to be eternally happy. For I am always running never still. Never still long enough, to be, to contemplate, to shine, to increase the values andContinue reading “Thought for Today. A pearl is found in deep still water.”