January 2021 Habit/Goal/Mood Tracker (free download)

Every day is a new start. Every week is a new start. Every Month is a New Start. Every Year is a New Start. Every hour is a New Start. Often a New Year doesn’t feel like a new start at all. But, this where a determined mind and a determined thought and habit trackersContinue reading “January 2021 Habit/Goal/Mood Tracker (free download)”

Are we Objective in our World view? Or just plain Reactive!

Our subconsciousness mind has been recording our likes and dislikes. So much so that we react without thinking to anything negative. We are on autopilot. We have created a strong habit. We automatically have a negative feeling towards something. Habits can be created. Therefore, habits can be broken. Or rather they can be replaced byContinue reading “Are we Objective in our World view? Or just plain Reactive!”

3 Easy Productivity Tips. ** repost**

3 Easy Productivity Tips We all struggle with achieving small or large tasks or goals, for many reason. The main culprits generally are, we are reluctant to do it, we are unmotivated, we are being lazy/procrastinating and we feel overwhelmed Or we have too many task/goals to juggle. Whatever the reason (s) are that stopContinue reading “3 Easy Productivity Tips. ** repost**”

Life is One Big Habit!

Life is one big habit. What we repeat become autopilot or a habit. We react often it becomes a habit. We get angry often it becomes a habit. We overthinking- habit We get upset easily – habit We are always down, and life is just horrible – habit of thinking and feeling. We get irritatedContinue reading “Life is One Big Habit!”

A Creative Challenge.

Can I for this coming week be creative? Can I see in all things negative or upsetting something good? Some learning? Some lesson? Some growth? Some test paper? Can I see benefits in it? Can I keep my peace, my cool? Do I get irritated and angry quickly? Can I be tolerant and keep myContinue reading “A Creative Challenge.”

What we think we manifest.

Every thought, word we think or speak we manifest. This is how affirmations work. Affirmation are positive statements. However, the thoughts of pain, speaking to others of our pain will manifest even more pain. Gossiping not only wastes time as we have done anything productive , it will manifest more negative events in our life.Continue reading “What we think we manifest.”