Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet of Emotions & Resilience – What Changes are You Going To Make?

There are a few days left to November, we will soon enter December 2017.  I am honestly left with the feeling of where did 2017 go?   I have achieved so much, but I have also been tested so much. As I sit down and check the balance sheet and profit and loss of 2017 inContinue reading “Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet of Emotions & Resilience – What Changes are You Going To Make?”

Happiness and Success in the Mundane

Do the regular, mundane, everyday tasks with a lot of interest , enthusiasm and excitement. This will ensure you will do them well, consistently, with enjoyment, and with love.   You will improve and refine that mundane task over time. You will then make it into a  art. See the beauty in doing small things wellContinue reading “Happiness and Success in the Mundane”

Meditation Commentary – Being Gentle With Myself

Meditation Commentary – Being Gentle With Myself We are all too hard on ourself and that can be a great source of pain and sorrow.  It is important to push ourself.  It is important to learn from mistakes and grow and become wiser.  Being gentle allows us to grow.  Being gentle requires me to lookContinue reading “Meditation Commentary – Being Gentle With Myself”

Change Your Habits Change Your life.

Are Your Habits Helping You or Putting You Back ? Our habits make or break us. Our habits make us happy or sad. Our thoughts and feelings can be classified as habits.  For example:  are you sad all the time ? Is it because you keep repeating those things that hurt you? Laziness is habit!Continue reading “Change Your Habits Change Your life.”

Top 75 Habit Blogs

Habits are what we repeatedly do.   Do good things then you will good habits.  Do negative things you will have negative habits.  Be lazy and procrastinate you will automatically be lazy as your default position.   Life is your choice, based on your thoughts and feelings and action.  A choice, a action  and a habit isContinue reading “Top 75 Habit Blogs”