Happiness – A Poem, A Thought, A Dance Of Life.

Happiness is to… Accept life, the good and the bad. To glide across the pond like a swan, with grace and elegance. Content, simple and whole. Water off a duck’s back. Navigating the hurdles of life, undamaged, remaining sweet, whole, easy and light. Humble Accepting Politely Positive Inspired Newness Enthusiastic Sweetly Simple Happiness is aContinue reading “Happiness – A Poem, A Thought, A Dance Of Life.”

Friday Quote – What is your resolve..

When we make a resolve to be happy we achieve it. It is like we make a holy promise with ourself that is scared, that we achieve it. Even the universe recognises our resolve, and assist us. Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall formContinue reading “Friday Quote – What is your resolve..”