Super Charge Your Meditation from 11th Feb to 25th Feb 2018

Dear Friends,   I am excited to  annouce a little meditation challenge I will be running on my blog from the 11th Feb  to 25th Feb 2018.  I post 3 times a week, of which one is a meditation commentary, but for this period  all my posts will be a meditation commentarty for you to practiseContinue reading “Super Charge Your Meditation from 11th Feb to 25th Feb 2018”

Quotes #26, 2017 HAPPINESS

Quotes #26, 2017 HAPPINESS What makes you happy?  Is happiness outside of us? Or inside of us?  Can we be constantly happy, or will it always come and go?  What is happiness?  Could we say happinesss is being content, satisfied, cheerful, blissful,  peaceful?  Could happiness mean being content  as you currently are and content withContinue reading “Quotes #26, 2017 HAPPINESS”

Happiness through Gratitude- Journal

Happiness through Gratitude. These are a few things I am grateful for today.  If you make a daily habit of writing five or more things to be grateful for you will find your self being happier more often.  Old school pen and paper is the best way of keeping a gratitude Journal. Gratitude makes youContinue reading “Happiness through Gratitude- Journal”