New Habit – Let’s Be Kind

Random Acts of Kindness. Let me smile at everyone I meet today, even if I don’t know them.   Let me send out good wishes, peace, compassion and love to the world.   Let me catch myself when a negative thought, feeling or deed is about to emerge from within me and let me replace it with:-Continue reading “New Habit – Let’s Be Kind”

Motivation, Inspiration & Perspective

Sometimes life can knock you out for six.  Life just doesn’t go to plan, even though you did your affirmations, your gratitude and your manifestation, your law of attraction and mindfulness.  What do we do  when we feel like it is all hard work, we feel like it is not going to get easier, weContinue reading “Motivation, Inspiration & Perspective”

My Choice

I Choose to Be Happy No Matter What! Today, I choose to be “happy no matter what”.  Now that I have made this choice, I will notice that everything will come to test me.   I am thankful for the test that will come in my way, because I will pass the test at some level,Continue reading “My Choice”