Thought of the day – What’s Wrong With Me?

The only thing that was ever wrong with me was my belief that there was something wrong with me – Glennon Doyle This quote came on my Instagram feed yesterday. It resonated with me, and I almost cried. I can’t say I spent my whole life in this state of thinking. But, I did spendContinue reading “Thought of the day – What’s Wrong With Me?”

January 2022 Newsletter is out

To those who are subscribed to the free newsletter is out for you to read – check your email boxes. In today’s Newsletter, I talk about My crazy January A reflection of a three-day digital detox and an attempt of 8 hours of meditation for three days A reflection by Quotes:    by Desmond Tutu and Thích NhấtContinue reading “January 2022 Newsletter is out”

Day 6 of the 31 Day – Meditation Challenge

Today’s Meditation from Release Your Wings YouTube channel, not my creation. The challenge is simple I post meditation commentaries, for all of us to meditate with. Meditation can heal us. We all have wounds inside that need healing. Enjoy this healing meditation. Related Post: How to create a Meditation Nook at Home 16 Benefits ofContinue reading “Day 6 of the 31 Day – Meditation Challenge”

Meditation Commentary – The Space Beyond Criticism

Today’s meditation is from Release your wings channel on Youtube – all the meditation shared here are from students of  Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris world spiritual organisation. These meditation are not my creation Hope you enjoyed this meditation commentary.  I post meditation commentaries weekly.  None are created by myself, all canContinue reading “Meditation Commentary – The Space Beyond Criticism”

Meditation Commentary – Healing The Body

It is important to send the body light to heal. We may be perfectly healthy on the outside, but who knows what is going on inside. Or we may be living an with an illness. The body is the vehicle of I The Soul, we must take care of this body through exercise, eating right,Continue reading “Meditation Commentary – Healing The Body”

Let Go of What breaks your heart.

Here are a select of quotes to inspires us to let go of what hurts us. To hold on to pain so dearly and not to forgive them, is my way of punishing them. This is a false logic. You know they have moved on. And here you are stuck in a rut, getting moreContinue reading “Let Go of What breaks your heart.”