Thought for today – Sleep

A good night’s sleep, solves so many issues. A good night’s sleep allows you to wake up fresh, early or at least on time, energised and motivated. A good night’s sleep heals your body and mind. Make sure to go to bed on time and leave your phone away from you. Make sure you haveContinue reading “Thought for today – Sleep”

Mental Health and our Habits

Mental health is globally a hot topic. There are many aspects to mental health, from stress, to pressure, to skill deficit, to peer pressure and a lot more than I can imagine. I am not a doctor and I know there are many forms of mental health issues and this blog post does not attemptContinue reading “Mental Health and our Habits”

Meditation Commentary – Healing The Body

Meditation Commentary – Healing The Body Meditation heals and repairs, not just the body but our emotions and pains. To all those out there whoes bodies are in pain of some sort.  Please, remember we are immortal souls.  We are peace, love, purity, wisdom and joy.  We are vibrational energy, we are neither created norContinue reading “Meditation Commentary – Healing The Body”

Let’s be Inspired by Oprah Winfrey – On International Women’s Day

I came across this you-tube video  a few weeks ago. The youtuber (Evan Carmichael)  has compiled these 10 rules that he feels are Oprah rules for her success.   Well, I don’t know what Oprah would say, if she agrees, that  these are her 10 rules for success.    Nevertheless,  this is a good summaryContinue reading “Let’s be Inspired by Oprah Winfrey – On International Women’s Day”

Traffic Control your Thoughts!

What is Traffic Control ? Well,  every hour for a minute we meditate.  What that does is, it slows down your thought, it allows you to regroup, and become refresh.  We also do slightly longer meditation for 5 minutes at certain intervals in the day. For example  10.30 am  12pm , 1pm and so on.Continue reading “Traffic Control your Thoughts!”