Preparing to Come Back After My Break

Hello Friends, Belated Happy New Year to all of you. In my last post of 30th December 2022, I announced I was taking a blogging break to slow down, meditate more, and focus on a few small projects.  As I prepare to return from my blogging break on 8th February 2023. I have achieved manyContinue reading “Preparing to Come Back After My Break”

Thought for today – Sleep

A good night’s sleep, solves so many issues. A good night’s sleep allows you to wake up fresh, early or at least on time, energised and motivated. A good night’s sleep heals your body and mind. Make sure to go to bed on time and leave your phone away from you. Make sure you haveContinue reading “Thought for today – Sleep”

Mental Health and our Habits

Mental health is globally a hot topic. There are many aspects to mental health, from stress, to pressure, to skill deficit, to peer pressure and a lot more than I can imagine. I am not a doctor and I know there are many forms of mental health issues and this blog post does not attemptContinue reading “Mental Health and our Habits”