Thought for Today – There is always light.

Even in the darkest of nights, the moon and stars shine,The street lamps light the way.There is always light. The clouds may cover the sun, but the sun is still there.There is always light. In the darkest moments of life, there is always light. The light of hope.The light of courage.The light of faith.The lightContinue reading “Thought for Today – There is always light.”

Affirmation, Intention, Law of Attraction

The Medication is the affirmation. The prescription is repeat 7 or 21 times in a row, 3 times a day (or at least once), for at least 21 days. Best results use a pen and paper. The affirmation is the intention and the repetition is the law of attraction. Good thoughts, positive thoughts will leadContinue reading “Affirmation, Intention, Law of Attraction”

Quotes on Hope

Hope is a light that can be reignited many a time. We may side track, we may forget, but we always return to hope. For the sun will shine eventually. And a smile will return. Just as daffodils return each spring, so will I. Hope is a light that can be reignited many a time.Continue reading “Quotes on Hope”

Thought for Today – Embrace the Detours of Life

Embrace the detours of life. See the opportunity in the detour. Maybe it is what you needed to expand and grow. Life will throw us curve balls. Life will force us to change. We can either remain stuck and angry. Or we can see the opportunity in the detour / the change. There isContinue reading “Thought for Today – Embrace the Detours of Life”

Thought for Today. Let the Divine be in your life in good times too.

Remember God in your good times not just the bad times. As this strengthens your connection. Then God you can hear him guide you quickly, before you get really stuck in the quicksand of a situation. Be mindful of your thoughts. Don’t let negative thoughts rule and overtake your mind. For then you see noContinue reading “Thought for Today. Let the Divine be in your life in good times too.”

When You Finally Leave Us

When you finally leave us. What will we be left with? A death toll so high. Broken families. Broken global economy. Broken spirit. Broken internally. Broken infrastructure. Broken lives, broken country, broken world? When you finally leave us, you will have stolen all that life holds dear. You will leave us in a war tornContinue reading “When You Finally Leave Us”