Who Is Your Shoulder To Cry On? *Repost*

I wrote this post a while back, but the sentiments seem appropriate for the world and where we find ourself with covid-19. I have edited it a bit. 12.4.2020 easter sunday ————‘ Who is your shoulder to cry on? Who is your rock? Have you ever been the shoulder to cry on, or the rockContinue reading “Who Is Your Shoulder To Cry On? *Repost*”

16 Benefits of Meditation

What is all the hype about meditation? Why bother? Are you happy inside? Truly happy inside? Can you be completely alone and happy? Peaceful, and calm? Do you get upset quickly? Do you make bad decision? Do you regret things you have done? Do you ask is this all to life? Meditation and mindfulness areContinue reading “16 Benefits of Meditation”