Dare To Be Good, Be Kind, Be Bold, Be You….

Dare to be good, peaceful, pure and kind… Dare to be a beautiful Soul, with beautiful manners, with beautiful character… Don’t worry about physical beauty,  work on being a beautiful Soul, a beautiful  character, for that is your personality and that is what makes you – you!  Dare to be Divine, Angelic and Royal … Continue reading “Dare To Be Good, Be Kind, Be Bold, Be You….”

Air, Wind, Gravity, Karma?

Air, Wind, Gravity, Karma? What do these things have in common?   Do they have anything in common?  You might just have to think a little bit, a teeny bit outside of the box – just a little.  Or you may be thinking the author has finally lost the plot?     Well, lets us just exploreContinue reading “Air, Wind, Gravity, Karma?”