Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ? [YouTube/Podcast]

Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ? Do we look forward to tomorrow?  Do we get stuck in the past?   Do we regret? Do we fear?  Do we worry?  Do we say, I will do it tomorrow? Do we succumb to procrastination, laziness, fear, carelessness and the feeling of being overwhelmed? With all ofContinue reading “Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ? [YouTube/Podcast]”

Day 28 of the 31 day – Meditation Challenge

What is your intention? Set intentions. Our thoughts, our vibrations can send peace and change matter. Send peace to the world with this meditation. How will you use your magic power of intention? Today’s Meditation from Release Your Wings YouTube channel, not my creation. The challenge is simple I post meditation commentaries for all ofContinue reading “Day 28 of the 31 day – Meditation Challenge”

Daily Intention – Excellence

What is your intention for the day?  It is important to set an intention for the day.  When I set an intention for my day, I create a focus for that day. When I live my life, my day with focus, I achieve so much more. Otherwise, I go about my day aimlessly, window shoppingContinue reading “Daily Intention – Excellence”

Daily Intention – Honour

Honour – Definition from my little Oxford pocket dictionary 1) Great Respect, 2) Honesty or Integrity, 3) Privilege, 4) Regard or treat with great respect, 5) Keep an agreement. Ask Yourself Some Question? Do you honour yourself?  That is, do you walk and live life with pride?  By pride, I do not mean arrogance, IContinue reading “Daily Intention – Honour”