Meditation Commentary – Mystery and Magic

The magic of intentions. Set your intention, set your vision, send peace to yourself, to the world. Use the techniques in this meditation to send peace to the Souls of this world. When we share peace with the world, we create a peaceful world for all of us. If there is world peace, then itContinue reading “Meditation Commentary – Mystery and Magic”

Daily Intention of Honesty

To be Sincere To be Trustworthy To be open, and Truthful is to be honest. It means not to make false promise. It means to do what you said you will do. It means to be wise enough to understand your capacity and therefore being honest to yourself and others by saying ‘No’ to whatContinue reading “Daily Intention of Honesty”

Meditation Commentary – Tolerance

Meditation Commentary – Tolerance Welcome to the weekly MeditationCommentary section on my blog. This week I am not sharing a Youtube video, but I am sharing a link to a video on the Meditation section of the Brahma Kumaris offical website. This section of the website has loads of meditation for you to explore. But,Continue reading “Meditation Commentary – Tolerance”

Karma – Part 1

Questions What do we think of when we think Karma?  What do we think of when we think the Law of Karma? Answer (well my answer ) Karma means ACTION Karma is not just about our physical action,  it can be our intention, our feelings and our thoughts. Types of Karma Positive Karma Negative KarmaContinue reading “Karma – Part 1”