An Equal World Is An Enabled World. #IWD2020

International Woman’s Day 2020 Unity Harmony Togetherness Cooperation Inclusion Generosity Selflessness Compassion Kindness Human-ness Openess Kindness Unity Togetherness Safety Honorable When we are United and in Harmony, in our interactions, selfless, egoless then we truly are a global society rich in our humanity. Any form of inequality is not the markings of a great character.Continue reading “An Equal World Is An Enabled World. #IWD2020”

A Poem For International Women’s Day

The untold story we hold inside. The story behind the smile. The bravery when all you want is a hug. The courage when all you want is someone to hear. Fallen down time and time again. You picked your self up time after time. Sometimes it is too much to bare. Sometimes in reflection youContinue reading “A Poem For International Women’s Day”