Journaling – A Quiet Reflection.

Time to journal, to sit quietly and reflect on the day or week.  Taking Pen and Paper and just writing and letting it all out and then concluding how to change it, grow from it and move on. I personally try to journal everyday, be it affirmations or gratitude journaling. Additionally,  I try to reflectContinue reading “Journaling – A Quiet Reflection.”

Thought For Today -A Prayer for Myself

I pray that I always do good and see good in others. I pray that I live a fair and honest life. I pray I will always be loving and kind. I pray that I can always discern right and wrong. I pray I always have courage to face life,  face my fear, and faceContinue reading “Thought For Today -A Prayer for Myself”

5 Rituals that Predict Success – Robin Sharma

5 Rituals that Predict Success – Robin Sharma Robin speaks and coaches business leader, but I love to listen to him for my own personal development.  I love this video because he talks about Journalling.  I think journaling really is key to happiness in life, and knowing your self.  When I know myself I canContinue reading “5 Rituals that Predict Success – Robin Sharma”

Do Yourself a Favour – Let Go!

Do Yourself a Favour – Let Go! If something hurts you,  Let it go immediately. Don’t let it penetrate your heart and poison your mind, and steal your peace and calm. Do yourself a favour and let go of it immediately. For the seed of pain will grow into some sort of health issue, emotionalContinue reading “Do Yourself a Favour – Let Go!”