5 Tips – On Being Positive

I read a post that said being positive is not easy.  It is true it is not easy.  To be positive daily is hard,  but it is possible. But, then it depends on your disposition, it depends on what life is throwing your way. Though I agree, I also disagree, I think being positive andContinue reading “5 Tips – On Being Positive”

Sunday -The best Day to Journal

Today, I thought  I would share  my journaling story.   I am sure everyone  journals in some way or form.   Anyway,  here is my crazy journaling style and of course I love it.  There is no right or wrong way to journal it is what works for you.  Whatever, you do  with your journal doesn’t matter.Continue reading “Sunday -The best Day to Journal”

Feeling Behind In Your Life ?

Dear Friends, We all feel low at times.  We may often feel that we aren’t where we should be?  These feelings and thoughts make us quite unhappy.  It is important we get a handle on these feeling. I hope this youtube video helpful. Thank you for stopping by.  Please like, comment, share or subscribe. AboutContinue reading “Feeling Behind In Your Life ?”