Why Forgive? Podcast 01 – 2021

Hi Friends, I am trying to get back into podcasting again. I am a bit out of practice, so this podcast is a bit rough around the edges and a bit of a ramble. It is uploaded onto sound-cloud, but you should be able to listen to it on your browser. These are my thoughtsContinue reading “Why Forgive? Podcast 01 – 2021”

Panic Buying – Doesn’t Help Society or the Spread of Covid-19

So, globally panic has happened. Shops are bare. There is game we have all all played, that says in x situation what would you do? Do you save yourself, or save the many? There is a quote that say’s no man is an island. Care for everyone not just yourself. So, if one person buysContinue reading “Panic Buying – Doesn’t Help Society or the Spread of Covid-19”

Regret, Repent, Karma ?

If it was your last day on earth, in this body would you regret or repent anything? If it was your last day – what would your regret and/or repent?  As most of you know I believe we are spiritual being – Souls to be exact. The soul is immortal, indestructible.   Our original qualities areContinue reading “Regret, Repent, Karma ?”