Because, The Way You Think Impacts Your Life and Your Health!

The Law of Attraction states that we attract our predominant thoughts. Therefore, if our predominant thought is of a negative nature. For example, anger, fear, worry, revenge, sorrow or anything else negative we will manifest that, we will attract negativity in our life. We will at some time in the future be in some turmoilContinue reading “Because, The Way You Think Impacts Your Life and Your Health!”

Our Vibration, Our Music Can be Heard

Music in the Soul can be heard by the Universe. -Lao Tzu. How true is this? It is a nice away of speaking of the law of attraction. The music of I the Soul can be heard by the universe. Imagine, my tears and pain are heard. My happiness and joy are heard. My prayerContinue reading “Our Vibration, Our Music Can be Heard”

Update: January 2017 Progress and Inspiration

Just after Christmas I  wrote an post on ‘ “How Strong is Your Inner Foundation”, where I set out that I would be doing a particular  meditation commentary twice a day, and I invited you to join me (read the post).   Some of you have joined me and have found the benefits of the meditation.Continue reading “Update: January 2017 Progress and Inspiration”