A New Year – Is Not Always A New Start

We all want to embrace a New Year, especially the New bit of it. Life happens. Sometimes just before the New Year, we might be ill, or our loved ones might be unwell, or we might have lost our job, or we have lost someone or something else that shakes up our life, our equilibrium.Continue reading “A New Year – Is Not Always A New Start”

Thought For Today

To FLY the bird must let go of the branch. The birds knows I  have to Fly. It knows its wings will work. It trusts itself. How times has a baby fell, as it learnt to walk.  But, still the baby keeps on trying. To fly you must let go, trust, and keep on trying.Continue reading “Thought For Today”

New Habit – Let’s Be Kind

Random Acts of Kindness. Let me smile at everyone I meet today, even if I don’t know them.   Let me send out good wishes, peace, compassion and love to the world.   Let me catch myself when a negative thought, feeling or deed is about to emerge from within me and let me replace it with:-Continue reading “New Habit – Let’s Be Kind”

Forgiveness -Why Forgive?

Why Forgive? We all have pain in our life,  we all know we should forgive and let go.  We don’t want to forgive because if we forgive they will do it again. Karmic Connection: Did you know when you hold onto pain you create a negative karmic bondage with that person and the pain becomesContinue reading “Forgiveness -Why Forgive?”

A Hater Will Hate You Regardless

I don’t think I have had such a negative title on my blog “A Haters will Hate you Regardless”.  It is not healthy for us to stay in pain. When we accept certain things the way they are and make an attempt to change ourselves  so we can find peace. You could be the NICESTContinue reading “A Hater Will Hate You Regardless”

Lack Focus, Motivation, suffer from Jumbled up thinking.

Why do we suffer from lack of focus, motivation, jumbled up thinking, unable to listen, and an in ability to remember anything?  Why do you think that is? When there is physical clutter, for example,  a cluttered work desk.  We will see that  there is no space to put another piece of paper on theContinue reading “Lack Focus, Motivation, suffer from Jumbled up thinking.”