When Do We Stop Growing?

When do we stop growing? Today, I heard a class and in that class an example was given:- As a child we physically grow, and that can be seen by out growing shoes and clothes.  But, there comes a time when the shoes stay the same size and so do the clothes and it staysContinue reading “When Do We Stop Growing?”

5 Tips – On Being Positive

I read a post that said being positive is not easy.  It is true it is not easy.  To be positive daily is hard,  but it is possible. But, then it depends on your disposition, it depends on what life is throwing your way. Though I agree, I also disagree, I think being positive andContinue reading “5 Tips – On Being Positive”

Super Charge Your Meditation from 11th Feb to 25th Feb 2018

Dear Friends,   I am excited to  annouce a little meditation challenge I will be running on my blog from the 11th Feb  to 25th Feb 2018.  I post 3 times a week, of which one is a meditation commentary, but for this period  all my posts will be a meditation commentarty for you to practiseContinue reading “Super Charge Your Meditation from 11th Feb to 25th Feb 2018”


We seem to go about life on some sort of Autopilot. Is the Autopilot intelligent? Or is it a Zombie Autopilot? Or a Robot programmed Autopilot? Are we wake or are we walking around sleeping? Are we conscious or are we the walking dead? We are the Soul in this body. But, we seem toContinue reading “AutoPilot”