Monday Affirmation

Affirmations help us manifest in life. Affirmations help with anxiety. Affirmations help with a lack of confidence. Affirmations rewire our brain. When an affirmation is repeated 7 times in a row 3 times a day for at 21 days to 30 days or longer. You manifest good into your life. You gain courage and confidence.Continue reading “Monday Affirmation”

Affirmation -I Am Strong, Humble and Peaceful

I am strong and humble. I am confident and wise. I am assertive and humble. I know to listen to my voice and others, but,  I also know when anothers thoughts aren’t in line with what I wish to represent. I am calm, confident, peaceful and whole.  I am good enough, wise enough and strongContinue reading “Affirmation -I Am Strong, Humble and Peaceful”