Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King. In history we are blessed by such great people. Who’s wisdom is as valuable today as it was when it was first said. Time has moved on, yet in the world some sort of oppression remain. It is so sad. Let us be the light to drive out the darkness, of thoughts.Continue reading “Martin Luther King”

Quotes on Hope

Hope is a light that can be reignited many a time. We may side track, we may forget, but we always return to hope. For the sun will shine eventually. And a smile will return. Just as daffodils return each spring, so will I. Hope is a light that can be reignited many a time.Continue reading “Quotes on Hope”

Thoughts on Manifesting A Positive Outcome

Victor Frankly wrote a book called Man’s Search for Meaning. Victor is a survivor of the concentration camps. The book is worth reading. Imagine the strength of those who survived. In his books explained that some died before they reached actual gas chamber. Fear makes us die before the horrible event. Yet, those who saidContinue reading “Thoughts on Manifesting A Positive Outcome”