21 Days Of Self-Mastery 2023 (Days 1 to 7 )

Self-Mastery – mastering my life so that I can stay peaceful, calm and strong as life tests me. Self-Mastery the art of being me in the most beautiful way. Living the highs and lows of life. Building habits to stay positive inside out, come what may. Creating calmness in my life. Letting go and sendingContinue reading “21 Days Of Self-Mastery 2023 (Days 1 to 7 )”

Thoughts for the Week

Hi Friends, I thought I would share a video with you all. A few thoughts to assist in the week ahead, or any ime. Affirmation and positive thinking really help us to change our mindset, and they help us rewire our automatic thoughts. They help us master our life even when things are hard. IContinue reading “Thoughts for the Week”

2020 Podcast 02 – Discipline and Meditation. A Ramble.

Dear Friends, After a long while I have recorded another podcast. It is a bit of ramble on the topic of Discipline and Meditation. In this podcast I share my thoughts and feeling off the cuff, this podcast is unscripted. I also share some thoughts from a book that I am currently reading The UniverseContinue reading “2020 Podcast 02 – Discipline and Meditation. A Ramble.”

God Whispers to me ..

I sit in meditation In yoga, I the Soul connect to the Supreme Soul A gentle breeze wraps around me Hugs me Caresses me Gentle Caring Lovingly Embracing me with warmth, and coolness Wipes my brows Stokes my shoulders Whispers to me You are cared for You are loved You are support You are protectedContinue reading “God Whispers to me ..”