A New Year – Is Not Always A New Start

We all want to embrace a New Year, especially the New bit of it. Life happens. Sometimes just before the New Year, we might be ill, or our loved ones might be unwell, or we might have lost our job, or we have lost someone or something else that shakes up our life, our equilibrium.Continue reading “A New Year – Is Not Always A New Start”

Thought for the Today – Trust, Believe it will be Alright.

Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know everything happens for a reason . – Albert Schweitzer. The winds of life, the storms of life, the river of life. Whatever you call it life is always changing, whether we like it or not. Trust inContinue reading “Thought for the Today – Trust, Believe it will be Alright.”

Mental Health and our Habits

Mental health is globally a hot topic. There are many aspects to mental health, from stress, to pressure, to skill deficit, to peer pressure and a lot more than I can imagine. I am not a doctor and I know there are many forms of mental health issues and this blog post does not attemptContinue reading “Mental Health and our Habits”

Traffic Control your Thoughts!

What is Traffic Control ? Well,  every hour for a minute, we meditate.  What that does is it slows down your thought, it allows you to regroup, and become refreshed.  We also do slightly longer meditation for 5 minutes at certain daily intervals. For example, 10.30 am  12pm, 1pm and so on. When I practiceContinue reading “Traffic Control your Thoughts!”