A thought on Quiet isn’t always Peace

“We learnt that Quiet isn’t always Peace”. If I am quiet, it may be that I am exhausted.If I am quiet, it may be that I have too much to say. But, I don’t have the energy to say it.If I am quiet, it may be I have nothing to say.If I am quiet, itContinue reading “A thought on Quiet isn’t always Peace”

The Art Of Decision Making.

I have seen patience used as a way to create space and clarity before a decision is taken. Effectively the decision is delayed.   We are often made to feel by others or even by our-self that we MUST make the decision right now, immediately.  But, I have seen that we can actually in most casesContinue reading “The Art Of Decision Making.”

Quotes on Taking Personal Responsibility.

Sure, life is hard. But, we can’t blame them outside for the way we feel, for the actions we take and the feelings we have. We have the capacity to change our thoughts, and feelings. We chose to change or remain stuck. So what if someone is rude to you, you don’t have to stayContinue reading “Quotes on Taking Personal Responsibility.”