Mothers – by Edgar A. Guest

A Poem by Edgar A Guest Note : It’s UK Mothers Day on 27th March 2022 Mothers never change, I guess, In their tender thoughtfulness, All her gentle long life through She is bent on nursing you; An’ although you may be grown, She still claims you for her own, An’ to her you’ll alwaysContinue reading “Mothers – by Edgar A. Guest”

Thank You, Mother – Donna Fargo

By Donna Fargo for mothers day, or a birthday. Thank You, Mother Thank you for the sacrifices you have Made for me.  Thank you for all you’ve given me and all you’ve done for me.   I know there have been times that, had  it not been for your unselfishness, my life would have beenContinue reading “Thank You, Mother – Donna Fargo”