Mothers – by Edgar A. Guest

A Poem by Edgar A Guest Note : It’s UK Mothers Day on 27th March 2022 Mothers never change, I guess, In their tender thoughtfulness, All her gentle long life through She is bent on nursing you; An’ although you may be grown, She still claims you for her own, An’ to her you’ll alwaysContinue reading “Mothers – by Edgar A. Guest”

Thank You, Mother – Donna Fargo

By Donna Fargo for mothers day, or a birthday. Thank You, Mother Thank you for the sacrifices you have Made for me.  Thank you for all you’ve given me and all you’ve done for me.   I know there have been times that, had  it not been for your unselfishness, my life would have beenContinue reading “Thank You, Mother – Donna Fargo”

Phenomenal Women

Phenomenal Women a Poem – by Maya Angelou 1928–2014 Maya Angelou’s poetry is so fierce and bold, it breaks the stereotypes of women the world holds. She has written and spoken her poetry. When you hear her recite, or read the word; the tears that we shed as women stop in their tracks, and stirContinue reading “Phenomenal Women”