Thought For Today – Eternal Student.

Always be eager to learn something new each day.  Always learn more about yourself.  Iron out any weakness in you. When we are the eternal student, we will never be arrogrant, for we know how much we don’t know.  We will always be humble. There are many things we can learn in parallel.  But,one thingContinue reading “Thought For Today – Eternal Student.”

It is a New Day – A New Chapter -A New Beginning

Treat each day as New day.   A shiny new toy to be explored.  Never to be bored of! A new day, a new chapter, to grow , to explore , to be the best I can be. To be better than I was yesterday. Let yesterday be yesterday. I learnt what I needed to learnContinue reading “It is a New Day – A New Chapter -A New Beginning”