What about Decluttering Your Mind?

I find decluttering the house, the  cupboards etc so very therapeutic, freeing and enlightening.  When the house is not overlaid with stuff, when you have dropped items to the charity shop or chucked stuff away – there is a feeling of  lightness and freshness in the  air and in your mind.  You, feel so healedContinue reading “What about Decluttering Your Mind?”

Orderliness In life Equals Harmony in Life

To have an organised life, that has routines, and discipline is life that is orderly.   Such a life will lead to peace and harmony.   Such a life is not boring, it is a life that achieves the goals that have been planned.   A life with no organisation, no routine or discipline is a life thatContinue reading “Orderliness In life Equals Harmony in Life”