A Poem on Peace of Mind

We are what we think. If we ‘change our thoughts, we change our lives.’What better way to do this than to surround ourselves with uplifting words and imagery. That touches us deeply and inspires us. To cultivate, grow, and nurture ourselves in a way that nothing can stop us from being Peaceful. Peace of MindContinue reading “A Poem on Peace of Mind”

Wednesday Meditation -Clarity of The Mind

Like the clear blue waters, clarity of mind is a cool and calming embrace. Clarity of the mind, helps us tap into the deep wisdom that is within us. Clarity helps us discern and make better decisions. Deliberately, slowing down our thoughts, and changing our thought patterns during the day will help us be moreContinue reading “Wednesday Meditation -Clarity of The Mind”


Just a little meditation or mantra, to help us when it all feels too much. I created this randomly today, with no real plan to create anything in a video format. I hope you enjoy the words and the video below. BreatheInhaleExhaleBreatheRepeat as many times as needed.Life can be so very hard.So very frustrating.So veryContinue reading “Breathe”

Inner Peace… A Poem

Inner peace cannot be stolen,It cannot be borrowed,It is a powerful vibration within,With an inner glow that radiates out,It can be felt,Like a light breeze of fresh, fragrant flowers,Like the morning song,Like the still of the nightThe stars brightLighting the wayThe inner light of inner peaceIt cannot be stolen or borrowed.But its fragrance is inContinue reading “Inner Peace… A Poem”