Thought for today – Stop

Don’t give energy to your enemies. You might have no enemies but people who cause you pain. Don’t keep watering the pain.Let there be a drought in your thoughts and the energy you give towards that person or situation. Let it dry out.Stop watering it.Stop feeding it.Let it dry out, wilt and be no more.Continue reading “Thought for today – Stop”

Inner Peace… A Poem

Inner peace cannot be stolen,It cannot be borrowed,It is a powerful vibration within,With an inner glow that radiates out,It can be felt,Like a light breeze of fresh, fragrant flowers,Like the morning song,Like the still of the nightThe stars brightLighting the wayThe inner light of inner peaceIt cannot be stolen or borrowed.But its fragrance is inContinue reading “Inner Peace… A Poem”

Dawn Breaks a Haiku Poem

Dawn breaks to bird songs.A breeze clears and blows away,cobwebs of the night. This is haiku is part of  this week’s Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge of BIRD and Blow. © 2021 Images:  freeimages, pexel, pixabay, created myself, or from blogger’s whose challenge this entry is for. This my 4th or 5th attempt atContinue reading “Dawn Breaks a Haiku Poem”

Still I Rise – by Maya Angelou

I love this poem my Maya Angelou. And Still I Rise. The words are so powerful and can be used in many contexts. You can find the lyrics to this poem here . You can listen to her on this youtube video reading her poem in her unique style. I hope you enjoy it asContinue reading “Still I Rise – by Maya Angelou”

Believe in YOU

Belive in you. Be content in your life only then will you be able to be happy. Be content in your life only then will you be able to handle the storms in your life. Learn to love yourself as you are today. Appreciate what you have achieved. Do NOT regret what has happened inContinue reading “Believe in YOU”