Shine My Light

I have written a poem that I hope you find inspiring and uplifting. You can read or listen to the poem, the link and text all below. Let me know how you like it. Shine my Light I live in my lightA gentle fragrancecarriedin the windA rayOf hopeA warm embraceA kindred spiritA lightGuiding my wayContinue reading “Shine My Light”

Weekly Inspiration “Still I Rise – by Maya Angelou”

I love this poem my “Maya Angelou – And Still I Rise”. The words are so powerful and can be used in many contexts. It is a great pick me up, when we need picking up. I love the entire poem, but I love this the best. Because there are times that people want toContinue reading “Weekly Inspiration “Still I Rise – by Maya Angelou””

Thought for today – Stop

Don’t give energy to your enemies. You might have no enemies but people who cause you pain. Don’t keep watering the pain.Let there be a drought in your thoughts and the energy you give towards that person or situation. Let it dry out.Stop watering it.Stop feeding it.Let it dry out, wilt and be no more.Continue reading “Thought for today – Stop”