Because There Was A Miracle

Fear we maybut courage, we mustthere is no time to dilly-dallyno time for can I do thisonly I must do thistime is of the essenceno time for fearno time to be paralysed by what-ifJust doJust go with the flowand dotrust God will guidetrust you can handle ittrust it will all work out for the besttrustContinue reading “Because There Was A Miracle”

Reading – A Poem

Insight and Healing I am currently reading Mindsets by Carol S Dweck. I have a good few pages to go. I read slowly as it takes time to digest. This book is causing me a great deal of inner reflection, so I decided to write a poem about some of my inner aha’s. This book talksContinue reading “Reading – A Poem”

Frozen Rose — A Poem

Crushed Into A Thousand Pieces Lost Forever. A blaze with imagery and words,keeping me awake at night,too sleepy to note them down,vivid they are, they’ll keep for the morrow. I Awakefrom a blissful sleep,renewed and refreshed.A brand new day.No recollection of yestereve. A memory slowly,emerges,to a realisation,hands across my eyes,Oh, I sigh. The memory isContinue reading “Frozen Rose — A Poem”

Internation Women’s Day 2023

If you want to find out more about IWD 2023 click here International Womens Day 2023 – A Poem Yet In 2023  there is still a divide an inequality we are NOT allowed to go to school or have a career to aspire to be something to dream to walk freely to be fly andContinue reading “Internation Women’s Day 2023”