Disappointed, Make an Appointment with Peace. (A Poem)

There is to much in life to be disappointed about May be just let it be May be just let it be May be choose to be free Free Bloom like the flower in the rain Cry through your pain Don’t faint Paint a new life, a new thought Make an appointment to create aContinue reading “Disappointed, Make an Appointment with Peace. (A Poem)”

Thank You, Mother – Donna Fargo

By Donna Fargo for mothers day, or a birthday. Thank You, Mother Thank you for the sacrifices you have Made for me.  Thank you for all you’ve given me and all you’ve done for me.   I know there have been times that, had  it not been for your unselfishness, my life would have beenContinue reading “Thank You, Mother – Donna Fargo”

We Are All Angels

We are all AngelsBright and KindSpreading Light where ever we goDivine and pureA Might so KindLiberatingHealing We are all AngelsBright and KindSpreading Light where ever we goBenevolent like the creatorAn Aura Brighter than the SunA Scent more Fragrant than the spring Hyacinth We are all AngelsBright and KindSpreading Light where ever we goA subtle warmthContinue reading “We Are All Angels”

Phenomenal Women

Phenomenal Women a Poem – by Maya Angelou 1928–2014 Maya Angelou’s poetry is so fierce and bold, it breaks the stereotypes of women the world holds. She has written and spoken her poetry. When you hear her recite, or read the word; the tears that we shed as women stop in their tracks, and stirContinue reading “Phenomenal Women”

2022 A Promise to Myself.

I write this little poem of thoughts to myself, a wish, a promise to myself. I walk into 2022 with a lot of unknowns, and stress. I will not be able to manage life if I am not calm and easy. I NEED to be calm, I need to promise myself… a few things. IContinue reading “2022 A Promise to Myself.”

Smile Even If You Want To Cry

Smile even if you want to cry..The saying goes, when you smile, the whole world smiles with you. When you cry, you cry alone..Unfortunately, this is so true. You could have gone through the hardest thing in your life. You are getting on with your life. You are not asking for pity. Nor are youContinue reading “Smile Even If You Want To Cry”