Let’s Get Inspired by – Kamal Roohani – Part 2 of 2

Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others – Voltaire To be inspired by another life and their routines helps us in our writing, blogging, and life journey. Therefore, I love to be inspired with the help of a few blogger friends I have created this “let’s be inspired series”, clickContinue reading “Let’s Get Inspired by – Kamal Roohani – Part 2 of 2”

Decency and Honesty , Haiku and Poem

The season changingTrusted fresh breeze, hope springs, newDecency honesty Familiar, honour, character, goodness, loyalty, family Goodness, decency so profound. An entire career for the betterment of his fellow humans. From stutter to a leader No small thing Lost wife and young daughter Became youngest senator Came home every night to his boys, after the lossContinue reading “Decency and Honesty , Haiku and Poem”

Hidden Truth – Haiku

The truth be hiddenBut its vibrations remainsDecades later Note: this my second attempt at haiku, just popped in my head. I have written it out in long hand, as part of a longer poem(which I might share at a later date). The inspiration came from a real life event. For years there was something thatContinue reading “Hidden Truth – Haiku”