Love Surrounds You

Winter is a hard season. It gets dark quickly. It’s cold. And maybe life isn’t quite rosie, and it feels a bit hard. This song is a warm hug. I meditated with it today. I visualised the light of God, The Universe surrounding me. It was an amazing feeling. I was instantly lifted, inspired, andContinue reading “Love Surrounds You”

A Meditation After a Hard Day

There are days we come home shattered, and exhausted. Too tired to eat, too tired to meditate. But, that is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. No matter what the day is like or how tired we feel we must eat, we must meditate only then will we find energy and strength. SoContinue reading “A Meditation After a Hard Day”

Monday Inspiration. Be Mentored by the Wisdom of Maya Angelou.

Life is hard, but there are many surviours of life.  They share their story and wisdom.  Our thoughts shape us. Our life experiences shape us. How we deal with life shapes us. Getting up when we fallen, or life has stabbed us, is our inner strength. We should always get up and make ourself strong.Continue reading “Monday Inspiration. Be Mentored by the Wisdom of Maya Angelou.”