Be Your Own Rock.

Be your own rock. Be your own shoulder to cry on. Life has taught me this lesson, time and time again. And I am grateful to myself that I embraced this lesson fairly young. Though the lessons vary, my inner strength may vary too. But one thing is for sure, God is always with me.Continue reading “Be Your Own Rock.”

Thought For Today. RE-

Every day is a new day, a new start.. Every second is a new. Always start again. Always pick yourself up again and again. Things may feel tough now, but it will pass. Whatever life is, we always have the opportunity to Re-Start! Re-focus, re-ser, re- emerge, re-new, etc. But never re-wind just learn andContinue reading “Thought For Today. RE-“

A Meditation After a Hard Day

There are days we come home shattered, and exhausted. Too tired to eat, too tired to meditate. But, that is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. No matter what the day is like or how tired we feel we must eat, we must meditate only then will we find energy and strength. SoContinue reading “A Meditation After a Hard Day”

Meditation Commentary – Positivity Amidst Negativity

Welcome to the weekly Meditation Commentary section of my blog. When the world becomes dark, and situations become challenging, I can always bring positivity to those situations… Meditation heals, repairs and encourages us to be good.  It makes us strong to be true to ourselves and win over all the negativity in life.   ItContinue reading “Meditation Commentary – Positivity Amidst Negativity”

Thought for today -Inspired by Yoda

Attachment leads to jealousy.  The shadow of greed that is.  Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.  Yoda…Character is built on inner work.  Goodness is built on inner work.  Inner Work leads to inner strength, character, goodness…Negative thoughts,  feelings of lack, or anything that causes me to think or feel thatContinue reading “Thought for today -Inspired by Yoda”

Thursday Affirmation

Thursday Affirmation What is an Affirmation? An Affirmation is a Positive statement that starts with ” I Am…”. An affirmation should not have any negative words in it, like Not, Don’t etc then the thought becomes fully positive, because it only contains positive words and emotions in it. When we use affirmations, we rewire ourContinue reading “Thursday Affirmation”