Peace of Mind – Rule 2 and Rule  3. ** repost **

In the last post I introduced the “Peace of Mind -The Rules” and spoke of Rule 1.    If you missed last post here it is:  Peace of Mind – The Rules (Intro and Rule 1) Before I get into the rules.  It is important to know that” I am a Soul”, and my originalContinue reading “Peace of Mind – Rule 2 and Rule  3. ** repost **”

Meditation Commentary – Positivity Amidst Negativity

Meditation heals, repairs and encourages us to be good.  It makes us strong to be true to ourself and win over all the negativity in life.   It gives us strength face all difficult situations.  It allows us to be true to who we really are.  It allows us to be a master of selfContinue reading “Meditation Commentary – Positivity Amidst Negativity”

Good Morning – Thought for Today.

Every day is a new day. Live it new. Let go of yesterday. Today is a fresh start. Never let your light become dull. Shine every day. Bright and bold. Don’t hold back. Be good always. Be adventurous in your unique way don’t let fear, laziness, procrastination,  worry, anxiety steal the potential of a beautifulContinue reading “Good Morning – Thought for Today.”

Don’t Judge Me

Without knowing me some people understand my situation exactly as it, without living with me. And they care, they are compassionate and understanding. My heart is melted and warmed. Then there are those who kinda know you,but don’t know you. They judge you in away that is cruel, unfair and totally incorrect. That hurts yourContinue reading “Don’t Judge Me”