Hope – Faith – Love

Don’t lose hope. Don’t fear. All negative thoughts weaken the immune system. Stay positive, stay faithful, stay loving, believe you will be okay and you are perfectly healthy and you will be. But stay at home, wash your hands, keep the distance, cough and sneeze in a tissue and bin it. Together with positive thinkingContinue reading “Hope – Faith – Love”

Affirm Positivity in to Your Life.

Daily affirmations repeated help you to achieve, motivate you and manifest what it is you want in life. They help with anxiety, the feeling of overwhelm and over thinking. They reset your mind. They also help you break any negative thinking you have going in your conscious or subconscious mind. Get into the practise ofContinue reading “Affirm Positivity in to Your Life.”

Today’s Affirmation

Repeat 7 times consecutively, 3 times a day for 21 days and see the healing begin. Repetition creates a positive thought, a habit that rewires the mind, the brain to think positively automatically. Affirmation; I am a peaceful, powerful and Happy Soul © 2020 http://www.thoughtsnlifeblog.com all rights reserved

A New Year – Is Not Always A New Start

We all want to embrace a New Year, especially the New bit of it. Life happens. Sometimes just before the New Year, we might be ill, or our loved ones might be unwell, or we might have lost our job, or we have lost someone or something else that shakes up our life, our equilibrium.Continue reading “A New Year – Is Not Always A New Start”

When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

Name that tune? That Film? The original song from what film? Man, I show my age with this one! But, I was young once upon a time – lol! Read the whole post and the answer will unfold itself … To all you quote lover’s, here is a quote for today! Finally…. For those whoContinue reading “When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”

Your Time and Thoughts are Valuable.

Your Time is valuable Your thoughts are valuable. Learn to be selective in your thinking. Negative thinking drains and depletes us. As well as being depleted we waste our time with this line of thinking. When we change our thinking, our mindset from negative to positive, we save both our time and our thoughts. WeContinue reading “Your Time and Thoughts are Valuable.”