Daily Affirmation

Daily affirmations repeated help you to achieve, motivate you and manifest what it is you want in life. They help with anxiety, the feeling of overwhelm and over thinking. They reset your mind. They also help you break any negative thinking you have going in your conscious or subconscious mind. Get into the practise ofContinue reading “Daily Affirmation”

Discern What You Let Influence You.

Becareful of what influences you. Don’t live to fit in. Discern with an eagle eye – friend or foe. Becareful of what influences you. Feelings become thoughts. Thoughts become actions. It all started by being influenced. Becareful, you are not deceiving yourself , with your own thoughts. Is your power to discern strong? Are youContinue reading “Discern What You Let Influence You.”

What is the point of being Negative ? Seriously?

What is the point of being Negative ? This is a serious question, that you need to ask yourself! Why is being negative such a automatic way to be ? Why get hurt if someone is rude to you? Is it really Natural? Really is it? Negativity, makes us sad, moody and depressed. When weContinue reading “What is the point of being Negative ? Seriously?”

Our Vibration, Our Music Can be Heard

Music in the Soul can be heard by the Universe. -Lao Tzu. How true is this? It is a nice away of speaking of the law of attraction. The music of I the Soul can be heard by the universe. Imagine, my tears and pain are heard. My happiness and joy are heard. My prayerContinue reading “Our Vibration, Our Music Can be Heard”

Thursday Affirmation

Thursday Affirmation What is an Affirmation? An Affirmation is a Positive statement that starts with ” I Am…”. An affirmation should not have any negative words in it, like Not, Don’t etc then the thought becomes fully positive, because it only contains positive words and emotions in it. When we use affirmations, we rewire ourContinue reading “Thursday Affirmation”