Feeling Behind In Your Life ?

Dear Friends, We all feel low at times.  We may often feel that we aren’t where we should be?  These feelings and thoughts make us quite unhappy.  It is important we get a handle on these feeling. I hope this youtube video helpful. Thank you for stopping by.  Please like, comment, share or subscribe. AboutContinue reading “Feeling Behind In Your Life ?”

Have Faith That This too Shall Pass

After Night there is Day. After Winter there is Spring After a Storm there is Calm There is always light at the end of the Tunnel. Have faith that this will pass. Have faith in your capacity and your ability. Have faith in the higher power. You are stronger than you may feel at thisContinue reading “Have Faith That This too Shall Pass”

Don’t Let Negativity Rule You!

To go into despair, is easy. To wish life was different, is easy. To be negative, is easy. To give up, is easy. To be lazy, is easy. To live with no aim, is easy. To blame, is easy. To Judge, is easy. To take responsibility, is hard! To take ownership of my life, isContinue reading “Don’t Let Negativity Rule You!”