Thought for Today – What are you Thinking? Is it Helpful?

It’s not what you call me that makes me, me. It is what I think that MAKES me, ME. Just a little thought for today. Don’t get side tracked by what others may think of you, or what you perceive others maybe thinking of you. We are not defined by that. We often put tooContinue reading “Thought for Today – What are you Thinking? Is it Helpful?”

Dealing with Difficult Situations with a Mindset Change

Change the way you look at difficulties in life. Every ‘disaster’ in your life is NOT so much a disaster, as a ‘Situation’ waiting for YOU to ‘change’ it. You Say: “But does this apply to MY illness, MY Bills and My drunken husband?” You bet it does. – Andrew Matthews Andrew Matthews If IContinue reading “Dealing with Difficult Situations with a Mindset Change”

Experience vs Habit

Experience vs HabitWhat is the difference? Experience is gained by doing something over and over again.Habits are created by doing something over and over again! Are bad habits a bad experience?Are good habits a good experience? The point is both experience and habits are developed by the single act of repetition over time. Be thatContinue reading “Experience vs Habit”

Emotionally Overweight

Are WE emotionally overweight? What does that even mean? I am emotionally overweight when I stay in The pain of past hurts When I keep thinking of how I have been hurt When I can’t let go easily When I can’t forgive easily When I feel sad all the time When I am angry, irritatedContinue reading “Emotionally Overweight”